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Reduce Clutter & Get Your Space Organized

Clutter, or a delayed decision, is the root cause of disorganization.  Taking the necessary steps to reduce the clutter in our homes, business, and lives creates a less-stressful, more joyful living.


Start Making a Change That Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Personal Assessment

The personal assessment is the first step in working together.  Whether you choose to use the assessment as a stand-alone or roll it over to an organizing session this assessment allows for an in-depth understanding of what your needs are to jump-start your journey to a more organized living. 

Includes a 2-hour walkthrough and assessment of your needs and desires, as well as a personalized plan for your home de-clutter and organizing needs.  Also includes space assessment to help evaluate the functionality of your current layout and room uses.

The Coaching & Accountability Program

Are you a DIYer who needs guidance and accountability?  Are you willing to make the commitment to get your home and paper de-cluttered and organized this year?  I am taking on a limited number of monthly clients who I will assist as an accountability partner and help out when you get stuck or just need a little direction.

Includes a personalized assessment with a detailed plan, as well as checklists that are broken down into a plan that fits your deadline goal.  We will also agree to a specific amount of accountability and in-home/virtual hours to work together per month.

The Professional

We will work together side-by-side to meet your specific needs.  I will assist you with the entire process from start to finish - homework projects will be included.  This plan is ideal for someone who struggles with focus and time management and task initiation.  As we work together, I will teach you the how and why of organization, as well as walk you through the systems that will allow you to maintain your space once it is completed.

This package is priced out hourly with a credit for the Personal Assessment once we begin working together.   


I Have a Few Questions...

What Would You Like to Know?

What’s your work experience?

I started my official organizing business in December of 2017, but my passion for organizing and helping others started long before that time.  For over 20 years, I have helped people live a more organized life in many ways - assisting before and after a move, after a life event (adoption, birth, downsizing, natural disaster, and more), during an illness, adult children working with aging parents, and helping with basic organization and decluttering projects.

Do you have any certifications or have you taken classes specific to the services that you offer?

Yes, I have taken many courses, classes, and have several certifications that are focused on the services that I offer.  I have received training from Sarah Buckwalter, a Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Organizing Boston; Lisa Woodruff, professional organizer, and owner of Organize 365;  Cynthia Murray, professional organizer and owner of Preferred Organizers Association; Sarah Stitham, a professional organizer and owner or Revamp Professional Organizing Services.  The various courses that I have completed include:  Estate Clearing, Actionable Paper Files, Vital Documents and Personal Files, Working with ADD and ADHD, Working with the Bereaved, Digital Organization, Personality Types and Organization, Organizing Finances, Downsizing, Chronic Disorganization,  Needs Assessments, Small Space Organization, Paper File Management, Emergency Preparedness, Time Management, among many other  topics.  I am HIPAA trained and certified.

What is the process for working together?

Once you reach out to me through this site then we will schedule a complimentary 15-20 minute phone consultation.  During the consultation, we will see if we can work together and decide whether we will take the next step.  The next step is to set a time for an in-home or virtual consultation. The final step will be to choose which tier of service that I offer that will best suit your needs.  We will then begin working together!


Why do I need a professional organizer?

A professional organizer is a trained professional who specializes in assisting their clients in the areas of decluttering, organization, time management, systems for maintaining organization and clutter, and many other specific areas to help a person learn to live a more organized life.  Through the training and certifications that a professional organizer receives they are able to adapt systems that are unique for each client and educate the client to live a more organized living.

How Long will it take to get me organized?

That all depends on you, your schedule, and the size of the project.  It took you a while to get to where you are - it will take time to get you to where you want to be!

What will it cost me to work with you?

What will it cost you if you don't hire me?  The time and money that you spend on getting your life more organized and less cluttered is an investment in your future - financially, relationally, and for better health.  Each client and project is unique.  I charge my clients based on the tier or services that they choose and the specific project.  Call or email me to set up a consultation!