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Personal and Business Files

Get your vital documents and personal records in order

Do you struggle with knowing what files you need to keep, throw away, or shred?  Are you unsure of how to effectively sort your documents and personal records into manageable, easy to access files?  Is the daily intact of bills, receipts, and personal information overwhelming you?  Are you prepared in the event of an emergency - do you have a person who can easily access your vital documents and personal documents in order to assist you when the unexpected happens?

There are steps that I recommend to getting your files in order before the unexpected happens.  I can help you accomplish these steps with the following options:

Option 1: 

Management of Files

  • Sort Documents and Personal Files

  • Organize Files in System of Choice

Option 2:

All My Ducks in a Row

  • Option 1, plus:

  • Binder or Online Notebook of All My Ducks In a Row (See Shop for further information)

Option 3:

Complete Filing Management System

  • Options 2 & 3, plus:

  • Whole Home Documentation Service - includes documentation of belongings, plus photos 

  • System for Daily, Actionable Paper 

Optional Add-ons:

Document Scanning Service

Paper Shredding Service


HIPAA Certified

What does this mean?

As a HIPAA trained professional, it is my duty to protect your medical records.  I take this a step beyond my training and protect all health, financial, insurance, and all other vital documents and personal information that my client's trust me with.  I make sure that all paper is shredded and disposed of properly.  I do not take photos or write down information that I come across at a client's home or business.